Frequently Asked Questions

This is a collection of questions frequently asked regarding Payroll Personnel System Decision Support (PPS DS). Please send comments to PPS Decision Support Team.

QUESTION: I forgot what my PPS DS password, what do I do?
ANSWER: Contact the PPS DS Help Desk.

QUESTION: What data is accessible through PPS DS?
ANSWER: The Personnel reports (job appointment and pay distribution data) are for the current only with historical reports of hires, pay changes and separations available under Employee History. Staffing reports and many of the PPS production reports are also available. There are Historical Expense reports for FY2011 and back, however for FY2012 to current expense/financial data you need to contact the KFS Team.

QUESTION: I already have a PPS userid for EDB Inquiry and On-line Time Reporting (OPTRS). Will this work?
ANSWER: Your PPS userid is only for production payroll system at Office of the President (UCOP). You still need to complete an application for access into the PPS Data Warehouse and/or PPS Decision Support. For more information, please refer to the Access to PPS Decision Support page.

QUESTION: What records will I be able to see?
ANSWER: Access to the PPS DS system is controlled through the 6-digit Department Number. Every employee has both a primary or administrative home department as well as department(s) associated with individual payroll distributions. All these departments will be able to see the full employee record. However, when the employee's distribution with a department that is different from the administrative department ends, they will no longer be able to access to information for that employee.

QUESTION: Employees belonging to other departments are printing on my personnel reports. What is wrong with my access?
ANSWER: Employees are listed on the Personnel reports under their primary administrative department. If an employee works for more than one department, all of the departments that are either the administrative department or are paying one or more of the employee's distributions (this is identified by the department associated with the chart/account), can see all of that employee's current job appointments and pay distributions. If you do not recognize this employee or think there may be another problem, please contact our Help Desk.

QUESTION: I have changed departments and need my userid's access changed so I can use PPS DS to create reports for my new department.
ANSWER: If you change departments, inform the PPS DS Administrator. Complete and submit a new application for PPS Data Warehouse/Decision Support access. Please see the Access to PPS Decision Support page.

QUESTION: What is the difference between my access on the PPS Data Warehouse and PPS Decision Support?
ANSWER: The PPS Decision Support system (PPS DS) is a web-based "user-friendly" way to access the data in the PPS Data Warehouse (PPS DW). The PPS DS and the PPS DW are two separate systems. PPS DS uses your UCD Single Sign-on to access web-based reports and PPS DW allows you access using a query tool such as Microsoft Access. For more information on the structure of the PPS DW (tables, data fields) please see the PPS Data Warehouse Web Site.

QUESTION:A person in our department who has access to the PPS Data Warehouse and PPS Decision Support has left the University. What is the procedure for terminating their access?
ANSWER: Email the Help Desk with the person's usercode or complete the PPS DW/DS access application indicating that you want to cancel this account. If the person also has access to the production payroll screens (PPS) at Office of the President, send an Email to the PPS Administrator or complete the PPS Access/Change Application to have that access also cancelled.

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Last Updated: 1 April 2014