Gaining Access to the PPS Decision Support or PPS Data Warehouse

Gaining access to the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) Decision Support (DS) or Data Warehouse (DW) Systems is a manual process. Complete the access application and review thoroughly the user responsibilities for accessing and using the data. The completed application is then forwarded to the Administrators to process and be reviewed by the PPS Security Committee for compliance.

The PPS Decision Support and the PPS Data Warehouse are two separate systems. The PPS Decision Support System uses the local PPS Data Warehouse to create the web-based reports whereas the PPS Data Warehouse query access is a "do-it-yourself" way of reports directly from the PPS Data Warehouse data tables. There are two separate application requests in order to keep track which tool(s) our users are using, to direct the proper Email notifications, and establish the correct data access rules.

Complete the application for the system(s) you want to access and forward the application to:
PPS DS/DW Administrator, A&FS Accounting Office or scan and Email to
Special routing instructions:
- Departments: Please have your PPS Officer/Coordinator sign the second page before submitting application to the PPS DW/DS team.
- UCDMC: Send application to: PPS Access Coordinator, General Accounting, Ste 2700, Broadway Bldg, UCDMC Sacramento when requesting UCDMC dept(s)
- SOM: Send application to: SOM Dean's Office (PPSB/UCDMC): Attn: PPS Officer/Coordinator when requesting for SOM Dept(s)

How to Get Access:

  1. Download and complete the PPS Decision Support or PPS Data Warehouse request form for access.
  2. If you just changed department and your previous department requires your assistance for a short period, complete the Extension of DS Access request form and get approvals from both your old and new departments authorizing official.
  3. Forward the request form - be sure to get the approval signature from an authorizing official (MSO/CAO or above).
    IMPORTANT NOTE: If your request form includes access for a department and/or division outside of your own,
    you must obtain the signature from an authorizing official from that department/division.
  4. Send the request form to the PPS DS/DW Administrator; scan request form and email to
  5. When request form approved, the PPS DS/DW Administrator will notify you via email.

Software Requirements:
You will need to use a Web Browser on a PC or MacIntosh to access the PPS Decision Support System. Commonly used browsers at UC Davis are Internet Explorer and Firefox. Accordingly, the report query pages developed for PPS Decision Support work on most browsers.

Send comments to: PPS Decision Support Team

Last Updated: 18 August 2017