PPS Decision Support System Overview

The Payroll/Personnel Decision Support (PPS DS) System is the web-based reporting system giving departments, dean's offices and central offices access to their employees appointments and staffing information. Pre-defined reports give on-line access to the payroll data with the ability to customize the reports with different selection criteria, report layout flexibility and sorting options as well as the ability to create spreadsheets. The set of reports consists of personnel, lien and staffing reports with costing reports to follow. The report menus and selection criteria are very similar to the FIS Decision Support System (DS) with the access security mirroring PPS system. NOTE: The current data steward for PPS Expense are the Kuali Financial System (KFS) Team. Please contact the KFS Team if you need access to the Expense/Financial data (FY2012 forward).

There has been some confusion about the different Payroll/Personnel systems in how they relate to each other and what can be done through the different systems. If you have questions, please follow the links for more system information.

PPS Inquiry and Entry/Update: Software based access to the Payroll/Personnel System at Office of the President. The system uses QWS3270 secure software to connect to the IBM mainframe. Changes made through the Entry/Update screens can be viewed immediately. The On-Line Payroll Time Reporting System (OPTRS) is part of this system. Only authorized users can access PPS. Access is granted based on assigned job duties as listed on the PPS Access/Change Application, and DRS PPS Structure. If you have an Mac System you will need the Brown University version.

PPS Web Inquiry and Update: This interface accesses the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) at the Office of the President. This application is web-based and is available for both the Production and the Training/Test environments. The web-based PPS only accepts alphanumeric characters in the password. Please change your password in PPS prior to logging on to the new web-based system. The same log on and user rules apply in the web-based system as in the secure software connection with PPS.

PPS Decision Support: The Decision Support system uses the PPS Data Warehouse data to create its reports. This system is separate from the PPS Entry/Update system. You are required to submit a application request to access. Once your access has been approved, you will use your campus single sign-on.
For expense/financial data contact the KFS Team. If you have further questions, please use the link to Email the support team.
PPS Data Warehouse: The local PPS Data Warehouse is a copy of the payroll data from the Office of the President. No changes can be made to this data. Access to this system requires a usercode, a query tool (such as Microsoft Access or Excel) and knowledge of the data structure. Questions should be directed to PPS DS Team.

Last Updated: 1 October 2017